Varya Rootwood is a Webby-Award-winning producer and director based in NYC. 
Varya has worked with a variety of clients and production companies, including Google, Bustle, Heinz, Vogue, Coca-Cola, Smuggler, Florence Creative, Weiden+Kennedy, Paradise, JOAN Creative, Aguita, and others.
In 2021, she won a Webby Award for her long-form video piece that she produced and directed for Google. The piece also received a nomination in the "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion" category.
In 2023, Varya produced a web series called Club Rat created by and starring Eva Evans and co-directed by Allie Avital, which is now available on Amazon Prime.
Varya is a two-time NoBudge director with her films TWINS: You Must Be Related! and Groundhog Year.

While a confident writer, Varya is still figuring out how to write about herself in the third person.

IG: @varyarootwood
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